Bursten Heights
Giclée print on Hahnemuhle German Etching
88 cm × 138 cm image including border
Lonely City

The prints in the series were shown in conjunction with small sculptures at Five Years, Archway in January 2024. The prints use a bitmap technique where each image is made up from only black and white pixels. 

Lonely City Text
'Only once did one of the palaces of Gabriel make me stop and gaze for a longish moment; it was after nightfall, and the columns of stone had been desolidified by the moonlight, which by turning them into cardboard cut-outs and reminding me of a stage set for Orpheus in the Underworld, gave me my very first glimpse of beauty.’ Marcel Proust

With a brief yet profound sleight of words, the narrator performs an alchemical transformation, dissolving the solidity and presence inherent in the architecture. The palaces, once imposing structures of authority, morph into a mere stage set - a backdrop for fictions to unfold.

Marcel witnessed this transformation in the moonlight. My time of slippage is dawn, when walking in a city seems full of fleeting possibilities and the potential for one plane of reality to superimpose itself onto another. A city at dawn echoes my internal landscapes, where ideas can be as elusive as shifting shadows or change according to the light. It’s a solitary place.

Lonely City materialises from this sense of slippage. It is an ongoing photographic exploration of my fictionalised, half-remembered spaces. The models, haphazardly crafted from coffee cups, Styrofoam, sticks, and tissue, transcend their materiality through the lens. The crude constructions metamorphose, rendering spaces at once anticipatory and void of narrative.

Unlike the model which is ephemeral and disintegrates after it is made, the print is the enduring product.